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ATTENTION PLEASE ! Due to the current situation regarding the Corona virus pandemic and the war in Ukraine our partner DHL stopped delivery to some countries and applied a crisis surcharge for deliveries to the others. As a result we will stop shipments to all non-EU countries for now except of Great Britain, Armenia, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, USA (no shipping of bottles), Canada (no shipping of bottles). For all of those countries except Great Britain the shipping costs will increase.

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Our advice

Vauen pipes
149,00 EUR
Louis Santo Rum 18 y.o.
57,90 EUR
115,80 EUR per
Midleton Whiskey Very Rare Vintage Release 2023
229,00 EUR
327,14 EUR per
Pipe tobacco of the Year Limited Edition 2024 100g
24,90 EUR
249,00 EUR per
Partageno y Cia cigars cigarillos longo No.6020 Brazil
20 pieces in a wooden box
Medium Panatela cigar made from 100% tobacco
23,00 EUR
cigar ashtray crystal glas with rounded corners
61,90 EUR
Slyrs Whisky Liqueur Vanilla & Honey
39,90 EUR
57,00 EUR per
Imperiales cigars Maduro Short Robusto
from 3,90 EUR
pipe tool made in Czech Republic
2,50 EUR

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New product

Plantation Rum Guatemala VSOR Single Cask
51,90 EUR
74,14 EUR per
Craigellachie Whisky 19 y.o.
199,00 EUR
284,29 EUR per
Craigellachie Whisky 23 y.o.
277,50 EUR
396,43 EUR per
R(h)einGin Tilly Bonn Edition
34,90 EUR
69,80 EUR per
Bruichladdich Whisky Octomore Edition 14.2
169,00 EUR
241,43 EUR per
Plantation Rum Barbados 8 y.o. Single Cask
49,90 EUR
71,29 EUR per
Cohiba cigars Panatelas
30,00 EUR
Laphroaig Whisky Elements 1.0
185,00 EUR
264,29 EUR per
Bowmore Whisky Master's Selection Aston Martin 22 y.o. 3rd Release
489,00 EUR
698,57 EUR per
Glenfiddich Whisky 29 y.o. Grand Yozakura
1.830,00 EUR
2.614,29 EUR per

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Since 2001 we are a specialised shop for pipes, cigars and fine spirits. In our range you will find a huge selection of fine cigars and cigarillos, exclusive whisky, rum, gin, cognac and grappa. We offer you a large selection of pipes and pipe tobacco - many of our pipes are handmade individual pieces by known pipe makers as well as serial pipes by world wide known brands.

Of course, you will also find a fine selection of accessories such as ashtrays, pipe racks, pipe tool and pipe bags, cigar cutters and lighters.

Our 17m ² air space includes a large selection of cigars of all known regions and all renowned manufacturers such as A. Fuente, Macanudo, Ashton, Aurora, Leon Jimenez, Santa Damiana, Casa de Torres, Maria Manchini, Drew Estate etc.

As a Habanos Specialist, we have an extensive product range at Cuban cigars. From Cohiba and Montercristo up to the milder cigars made by Romeo y Julieta or Hoyo de Monterrey, to name just a few. We are also a certified reseller for Davidoff products - namely cigars, pipe tobacco and accessoires.

Cigar and pipe smokers are smoking pleasure. Enjoyment smokers smoke significantly fewer and less. Enjoyment and relaxation is paramount and not a drug habit.

It goes without saying, that we will sell only our products
to adults over the age of 18. That will be verified by us!