The French company founded in 1858 by Gustave Butz and his father in law  Choquin Etienne, in Metz. In 1951 the production was moved to Saint-Claude - today is the town Jura known as the birthplace of briar pipes and  for all pipe lovers inseparable known than BC.

Saint-Claude, was for centuries a popular destination for pilgrims who arrived in droves, to worship the bones of a monk named Claude. Accordingly, the trade flourished, with rosaries and many craftsmen which were specialized in wood processing, carried out their studios, in Saint-Claude. In modern times, the pilgrims stayed away wherefore the rosary manufacturers began more and more her work for BC.

The first pipes and the first major success of the company was a Churchwarden called "Origin" with a spacer from albatross-bones, which is now replaced by plastic.

At flowering time, the company unveiled with his 180 employees, 800,000 pipes annually. Today there are only about 45 employees which produce 150,000 pipes. More than 1600 different models were produced in the company's history, the current selection is heavily dependent of fashions. The models are selected also varies according to country: in Germany pipes especially with 9mm filter chamber, mainly to Japan the models with 6mm chamber and in the U.S. "Giants".

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