Paul Becker, born in 1947, is one of the most renowned German pipe makers. The geographical proximity to Denmark reflected in his creations, that he creates with love and care.
In 1982 he founded a tobacco shop with his own workshop, especially for its customers repairs. Soon, he made a first pipe for personal use and quickly became passionate pipe maker, who had discovered his vocation. Success came quickly and was so big that he gave up his shop and entirely dedicated to the art of pipe making - always supported by his wife.

Paul Becker produces about 250 pipes per year. Since these are mainly sold on the German market, about 75% of which are equipped with a chamber for 9mm filters. He manufactures for each pipe also a proprietary usable adapter, which fits exactly into the mouthpiece, and making smoking without filter possible. For his pipes, he used only the elegant wood of Erica arborea from Corsica.
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