The Dane Svend Bang is the namesake of the label. He was an independent tobacconist and tried unsuccessfully from 1968 first pipes under his name for sale. As a little later the two pipe maker Per Hansen and Ulf Noltensmeier encounter him, he handed over the business to they. The two continue the business under the company name "Bang".

Hansen and Noltensmeier have helped their pipes under the label "Bang" to worldwide fame - thanks to your discipline and the constant and regular working hours and your awareness of elegant design, which even in Italy, the land of fashion and design, get high recognition.

Their philosophy is to produce only top quality pipes to maximize the enjoyment of pipe smoking - a claim which they meet.

In one year, Bang  produce about 500 pipes. They used only the finest wood from Corsica and Mouthpieces of rubber. The hallmark of the label are the powerful pipe bowls and idiosyncratic asymmetrical shapes.
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