Erik Nielsen, born in 1949, is a newcomer to the Danish pipe maker scene and it is still working to find his own style.
Father and brother were pipe collectors and also he possessed before his time as a pipe maker, a collection of about 300 pipes.
From 1980 to 2000 he worked for the Danish railway until he had an accident at work, and so was unable to work. Physically and mentally weakened, he immersed himself in the work at home with his love of wood and pipes to distract him from his unemployment. He spent all his time in his workshop with his old tools, so his wife began to worry. But out of necessity became a virtue: he met Kurt Balleby, who trained him. In 2003 he accompanied Balleby to the Chicago Pipe Show and also presented his own pipes - at that time only 24 pieces. Very soon they all were sold and this is the point at which to Nielsen described himself as a "right pipe maker".
From now on, he saw the pipe making as his calling he acts out today. Even his little grandson Rasmus already has its own whistle.
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