Big Ben

Big Ben is a trademark of the company Gubbels.

The company with the highest pipe production quantity-per year, about 250,000-is Dutch and has its headquarters in Roermond. They also called "royal pipe factory" since 1972, Queen Juliana of the company the title of "royal" granted.

The company's first venture lies much earlier in the 1870s. At first it was just a small shop under the leadership of founder Josephus Elbertus Gubbels, but later it was expanded to a wholesale and from 1946 they began manufacturing her own briar wood pipes.
Today, the modern business with 60 employees will guided by Jos and Alfons Gubbels, the grandsons of the founder. While Jos is primarily responsible for the commercial sector, the creative and technical gifted brother Alfons, care of this tasks. He invented, the paste which now in all the pipes used and developed the fully automatic copy router and contributed significantly to the company's success around the world.
Today, in the program of Gubbels are about 2500 different pipe models in stylish and traditional variations that correspond to the contemporary taste.
Despite the use of machines and the automation of many operations, much is done by hand.
The pipes will not sold under the name Gubbels, but under the brand names "Big Ben" and "Hilson" and "Amphora" and "Royal Dutch", formerly well-established names, their use rights were acquired by Gubbels.

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