All Bentley pipes we sell are from Former (Johnny Hans Nielsen). Who not longer work for Bentley.

About Former:

Former - Holme-Olstrup

The pipe maker behind this brand is actually called Jonny Hans Nielsen, but he is called back to his childhood "Former" because he looked a little like the English entertainer George Formby .

He started with 15 years as a toolmaker for Poul Rasmussen, to repair pipes and later he worked for Sven Knudsen. Then he made ten years for W.Ø. Larsen pipes and later headed the appropriate department - among other things, he was at this time instructor of today renowned pipe makers like Poul Ilsted or Phil Vigen. For a long time he developed pipe shapes for Bentley, which was so popular in Germany that "Former" lived for some time in Hamburg.

Now he focuses again on his own label and produced jointly in Copenhagen with his wife Daniela exclusively for "Former".

Together, the couple produced about 500 pipes per year, whose trademark clean lines and classic shapes. They are much more individual and creative design as the Bentley pipes and are made from Corsican Erica arborea.
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